Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Rotterdam like you’ve never seen it before!
From 20 April until 6 May architecture festival ZigZagCity will show you Rotterdam’s city centre in a unique and different way with an alternative route featuring buildings, stories of residents and local businesses.
Lijnbaankwartier has hidden courtyards and parks that not many people know about. Artists and architects including DUS Architecten, Observatorium, Gyz la Rivière, Rnul Interactive, Thijs van Vuure and Iris Schutten will transform the city centre into an enjoyable leisure area from 20 April to 6 May 2012.
An oasis in the city
There are several leisure areas in the original design of Lijnbaan. For example, the green park behind ice cream parlour Capri. The artist group Observatorium is keen to restore this park as an oasis of peace and quiet in the busy city centre. It will be turned into the all-inclusive city garden during ZigZagCity. A place to relax, to have a picnic, or to work, meet friends and to play.
Making City
ZigZagCity coincides with the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (20 April to 12 August 2012). The IABR is called Making City and investigates how tomorrow’s city is shaped. Its main venue is the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) with various exhibitions and debates. In addition, the central railway station and Hofplein show what the future urban environment could look like. The 'Schieblock' plays a key role in this programme of events, exhibitions, pop-up stores and pocket parks.
ZigZagCity connects the central locations of the IABR and is linked to the architectural programme of festival Motel Mozaïque.